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What is HBR?

HBR allows drivers to race at a higher bandwidth providing better online racing.

How does HBR work?

HBR is setting changes in the .ini files for NR2003. These settings relay data to the race server at a higher rate and larger byte size thus relaying more data necessary to achieving LAN like racing.

How do I setup my RaceLM server to run HBR?

In your Server Control Panel there will be a setting for HBR. Simply set to On/Off, save settings, and reboot server to take affect.

What do drivers need to do to connect to server running HBR?

You must be connecting through RLM Arena to utilize the HBR feature. You will notice a field labeled "HBR". Race servers running HBR will be display "Yes", not running will display "No".

Questions or Comments

Please contact your league admin for more information about HBR. or Email RaceLM: [email protected]